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By Lindsay C. (Waterville, United States) on 22 March 2019 :

Product rated : Beige - 100% baby llama - Medium - 100 gr./ 218 yd.

tan bab llama

Love the product!

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By Suzanne P. (Cairns, Australia) on 24 Aug. 2018 :

Product rated : "Little briefcase" Purse - Genuine Leather

Amazing quality

Has now lasted 2 years and I still get compliments on it and people asking where I got it. I use it everyday.

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By Ricco T. (Redondo beach, United States) on 18 June 2018 :

Product rated : Hooded Jacket for Men - Pure Wool

great hoodie sweater

fits great... great quality... keeps me nice and warm... i really like it!!

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