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The General Sales Conditions of Caserita.com defines the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with product merchandising by Caserita.com. The client agrees to accept without reservations all the provisions stated in this section. Caserita.com is committed, as well, to respecting its role as seller under these same conditions.

If you should have any questions, complaint or information, you can contact us by e-mail to contact@caserita.com, Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 18:30 (local Bolivian time). We will send you a response as soon as possible. 


Article 1: Products. 

Article 2: Price. 

Article 3: Order. 

Article 4: Payment.

Article 5: Shipping / Delivery.

Article 6: Right of withdrawal / Returns.

Article 7: Confidentiality of personal data.

Article 8: Copyrights. 

Article 9: Amendments in the General Sales Conditions. 

Article 1: Products

1.1 – Information

Caserita.com presents the products it sells on its Internet webpage including a detailed description that allows the potential client to be well informed of the essential characteristics of the products he/she wishes to purchase, before placing their final order.

1.2 – Supply of the products offered                       

The products offered by Caserita.com is subject to the limits of stock availability. Caserita.com reserves its right to modify the assortment of products, the dates of availability and its prices.

1.3 – Conformity with the products offered

The photographs, texts, graphic arts, information and characteristics that are reproduced and illustrate the products are not contractual. Consequently, Caserita.com’s responsibility will not be engaged in case of error or omission in one of the photographs, texts, graphic arts, information or characteristics of the products.  

1.4 – Availability

The timeframe of availability will be specified to the customer in the webpage Caserita.com prior to payment, all necessary measures will be taken to satisfy each request. In case a product is not available, Caserita.com commits to informing the client as soon as possible.   

In case of a postponement in the availability of a product, Caserita.com will inform the client of the new dates in force. In case of prolonged non-availability of a product, Caserita.com will propose that the client validate their modified order and receive a refund for the article(s) not available.

1.5 – Product guarantee

In case of a defective product, the client shall contact Caserita.com by e-mail to contact@caserita.com, in response you shall receive the necessary instructions for returning your product. No returns will be accepted without previous agreement. The defective products must be returned to Caserita.com in its complete original packaging (accessories, label, etc.) and intact barcode, if possible accompanied by a note explaining the reason for the return.

All products found defective, as a result of negligence, damaging or inappropriate use (not complying with the instructions for installation and operation of the product, falsification, etc.)  will irreversibly annul the guarantee.

Article 2: Price

2.1 – Price/ IVA

The prices in the web page are expressed in Euros, American dollars or Pound Sterling.

For shipments outside the European Union, the order may be subject to VAT (value-added tax) and to customs charges according to the laws of the country concerned.

2.2 – Transfer of ownership

Caserita.com retains sole and full ownership of the products sold until receiving full payment of all sums due from the client’s order, including additional charges and taxes. Transfer takes place once full payment is executed. Once your order has left our warehouse, the subsequent risks will be the client’s responsibility.  

Article 3: Order

Since we are a virtual store, orders can only be placed online through our website www.caserita.com.    Except in the case of special orders, no other manner of ordering (telephone, written, fax) will be taken into account.

3.1 – Data related to the client

The client must verify the thoroughness and conformity of the data corresponding to the delivery address given to Caserita.com. It will not be liable for any errors in data entry and the consequences that this would entail. In this context, Caserita.com will annul the order and reimburse the price of the product; shipping charges will fall under the client’s responsibility.

3.2 – Failure to comply with an order

Caserita.com will not be held liable for breach of contract in the following cases: products are discontinued or sold out, force majeure, disturbance, total or partial strikes mainly of the postal services or means of transportation and/or communication, flooding, fire.  

Caserita.com will not be held liable for all the damages resulting from all the above mentioned such as loss of benefits, opportunities, damages or expenses that could derive from the purchase of the products.  

In case of non-availability of the requested product, the client will be informed as soon as possible so that the order can be canceled. The client will be reimbursed for the amount paid (within 30 days following the annulment of the order). In case it would be impossible to contact the client, Caserita.com reserves the right to cancel the client’s order and refund the sums received.  

3.3 – Participation in shipping expenses.

Caserita.com reserves the right to charge the client a fixed fee equal to the cost of preparing the order and shipping expenses.  The participation fee must be indicated clearly in the website www.caserita.com

3.4 – Order Confirmation

By clicking on « validate order » during the purchasing process implies that the client declares his/her unreserved acceptance of the totality of the General Sales Conditions. The contractual information will be subject to confirmation by e-mail. 

3.5 – Order Processing

The client will be notified by e-mail to confirm shipment of your order.

The order will be processed at the latest within 48 hours to 5 days (not counting weekends or holidays) after the date of final validation by Caserita.com (full payment received and subject to product availability).

Article 4: Payment 

4.1 – Validation

Checks, bank wires and credit cards are received after processing of the order by Caserita.com.

4.2 – Client’s Credit-worthiness

Caserita.com recommends that the client ensure credit-worthiness of payment before validating his/her order in the website. Caserita.com reminds the client that all payment by credit card goes through a secure payment system and that no credit card number is kept on file.

4.3 – Method of payment

To pay for the order, the client can select from a list of payment modes proposed upon final validation of the order, these being: credit card (through the secure payment systems Paybox , Klik & Pay and Hipay), bank wire, check, Paypal, Moneygram and Western Union.

Payment by check is subject to specific conditions: it must be issued by a bank with offices registered in metropolitan France or Monaco. All orders paid by check will be processed only upon reception of payment.  Timeframe of availability as well as dispatch will be recalculated from the date the method of payment is registered.

4.4 – Full payment  

Full payment must be made upon order completion, unless specified otherwise in the website’s promotions. At no time, sums received may be considered as advances or deposits.

Caserita.com expressly reserves the right to deny delivery or to process the order of a client who has not paid in full or partially a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is held.


Article 5: Delivery/Reception (diferente en ‘content’)

5.1 – General aspects

An order will be considered settled when all the products have been shipped and when the client has complied fully with the due payment thereof, as well as his/her participation in shipping fees.

5.2 – Delivery methods

Products will be delivered to the address specified by the customer in the order form. Caserita.com would like to remind the client of their responsibility to verify that all necessary information has been provided for delivery of your order.  

Caserita.com works with the French post office (Colissimo), the Belgium post office (Bpost) and Mondial Relay for deliveries in Points Relais.

For deliveries in France, the delivery time is 2 working days. For most other countries, delivery times vary between 2 to 8 working days.

Tracking: each package that is shipped has a tracking number.

 5.3 – Admonitions

The client has the contractual obligation of verifying the physical condition and the content of the package(s) upon delivery.

Any abnormality linked to delivery (malfunction, incomplete delivery in relation to the delivery list, damaged package, broken products, etc.) should be communicated immediately. The client must inform contact@caserita.com by e-mail of all claims concerning errors in delivery or nonconformity with the products in kind or quality within 2 working days, following the date of the package’s reception. Any claim made past the deadline will be rejected leaving the client without possibility of appeal. 

Article 6: Right of withdrawals / Returns

6.1 – General aspects

The client has a right of withdrawal for a period of fourteen (14) business days following the date of reception of the product purchased. The client then has a period of 3 weeks to return the product to Caserita.com.

Any return must be communicated beforehand to Caserita.com by e-mail: contact@caserita.com.

Non-compliance with the procedures above mentioned will result in rejection of any claim for inconformity or apparent defect of the products delivered.   

6.2 – Conditions to exercise the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is exercised at the sole discretion of the client: the client that returns the product does not need to justify the reasons for doing so or pay any penalties. Caserita.com will only accept returns that include: original packaging, all parts complete, accessories and varied instructions, and in perfect reselling condition (not damaged, ruined, dirty, etc.)

6.3 – Reimbursement

A product that is returned will receive a refund equal to the price at which the product was purchased excluding shipping expenses. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the client who has exercised his/her right of withdrawal.

A client that has purchased a defective product may request refund for the shipping costs. All requests for refund of shipping costs made by the client must be justified.  Refund requests will be subject to liability provided that Caserita.com’s responsibility has been questioned.

Right of withdrawal may also be exercised from the moment the order has been placed and before delivery. If this right is exercised after the product has been shipped, shipping and refund costs are the client’s responsibility.

To initiate the process for the return, Caserita,com will contact and inform the client that their right for withdrawal has been accepted. Refund will be made by crediting the client’s credit card. If another manner of payment was used, Caserita.com will take the appropriate actions to administer the refund.  Caserita.com commits to reimbursing the client within 30 days.

Article 7: Confidentiality of personal data

Caserita.com may request clients’ personal data. 

Caserita.com commits to not disclosing this data to third persons or business partners. This personal information is confidential and will be dealt with by our skilled in-house services.  

Personal information will be retained for the necessary time period towards the realization of the purposes for which they were requested or dealt with.


Article 8: Copyrights

All information provided through the website www.caserita.com is the exclusive property of Caserita.com. Some products, images or information presented in this website may be subject to other copyrights.


Article 9: Modifications of the General Sales Conditions

9.1 – Caserita.com reserves the right to modify the General Sales Conditions. The new versions will be announced beforehand in the website.

9.2 – Period of validity of the general sales conditions

These conditions are applicable throughout the period of operation of the services offered online by Caserita.com

9.3 – Applicable law - Litigations

In case of litigation, the client must first contact  contact@caserita.com  in order to seek conciliation.  Unreconciled litigations will be resolved before a court of competent jurisdiction.