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Ref: PICH08
Professional Charango "Child" + Hard case
$ 447.60

  Artisan: Alba Instruments - See the products of this artisan

The charango is the musician or folk artist’s perpetual companion. Tuned by the “night watchman” (the Devil), it is a typically Bolivian instrument, shaped like a small guitar, with origins in the indigenous inventiveness from the colonial period.

The charango, like the guitar, is a musical instrument with strings that are plucked. It is very popular in cultural areas influenced by the Quechua and Aymara in the southern region of South America. There are 10 strings on the front that extend the length of the instrument from the pegbox to the bridge. The strings are usually nylon attached in five pairs or courses, 4 of which are unison. The two strings on the third pair are separated by one octave (the lowest string is the same as the first string of the guitar, and the other string is thinner and tuned an octave higher).

Universal charango tuning is: GG / CC / EE / AA / EE

From: Instrumentos Alba, La Paz


  • Soundbox: One piece Naranjillo wood.
  • Soundboard: 1/2 German Abeto Pine wood and 1/2 Jacaraná wood.
  • Fingerboard: Ebano wood.
  • Soundhole: Curved.
  • Strings: MEDINA ARTIGA 1230 brand (nylon)

Hard case included.








65 cm.
25,4 in. 

18 cm.
7 in.

9 cm.
3,5 in. 

800 gr 
28.2 oz. 

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